Wisdom From the Universe: Navigating Life’s Daily Challenges

Can you imagine a day in which you wake up feeling good, no pressure ahead of you, and everything that transpires over the course of the day is calm, relaxed, and uneventful? More importantly, could you imagine an entire week like this, one in which there is nothing pressing to worry about, such as bills or an overly-demanding job?

It certainly sounds wonderful on one hand and yet on the other it may read like an article of fiction, as life to you was never designed to be that way. Problems are a natural part of life. Being in debt is the dark side of the American dream, and for many, getting ahead seems to be an elusive ideal. A time to escape all of these hectic feelings is supposed to be a planned vacation, yet a lifestyle mindset cannot be switched off with the snap of a finger.

Personal Transformation

So then the idea of personal transformation sounds appealing. Somehow the many self-help practitioners available will tell you about religious or spiritual principles and teachings. But those teachings usually involve dependency on a being, the teacher, a Source, or some other divine presence. Then when nothing changes and life goes on as it always has, the reality of a life of struggle feels acceptable over time.

Eventually a person will begin to believe they are less than in some way because they are underpaid, under-valued, under-utilized, under water with debt, and/or working non-stop to try to fix it all. It creates an inferior attitude and mindset, ensuring the pattern continues.

A Time of Awakening

But then someone begins to awaken and see the world around them differently. How does this happen? When they discover they have the ultimate power of control, they determine how their life unfolds, and there is access to wisdom of the universe they can find through their own mind.

This is the message this teacher has for you. You need never be dependent on anyone. You need not wait for a divine being, the universe, a spiritual teacher, or anyone else to impart words.

Even the words written here are available to you as you learn to concentrate and focus your mind, switching from conscious to the subconscious thoughts. There you can seek wisdom and knowledge. There you can seek the purpose of your life and what steps you should take.

Everything and every place serve a purpose, yet when you are in a receptive mindset you can gain greater clarity and understanding, which means you can find peace. Instead of treating life as a struggle, you can treat it as a puzzle, following the path according to the plan.

A universal truth is this: Your unique outcomes all have a purpose and meaning. There is nothing mundane or meaningless. All has value in life, all jobs and all relationships.

Will you solve every problem with the wisdom you access as you learn to control your thoughts and listen? Not likely or not right away. But you will gain the insight necessary to know the best course of action to take as you navigate your life.

I am a teacher of the Laws of the Universe, and the wisdom I share helps to address questions people have as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-development, and self-awakening. This knowledge is not affiliated with any religion or religious institution as it is based upon the wisdom of mankind. I do not claim to have any special powers or gifts, only a natural ability to listen to a higher frequency, and through focused listening I am able to tap into this endless source of life and wisdom. This is my story, my journey, and I am ready to share it with others. To learn more about the resources available, please visit